If it doesn't challenge you,

it doesn't change you. -Fred Devito


Monthly Tuition   
Competition Team Members
Mini Team: $175/ Month 
Petite Team: $225/ Month 
Junior Team: $250/ Month 
Elite Team: $280/ Month 
Pro Team: $300/ Month 

Non Company Members: pay by # of hours  per week:  
45 Minutes: $65/Month 
 1 Hour: $75/Month 
 2 hours: $115/Month 
 3 Hours: $145/Month 
 4 Hours: $175/Month 
 5 Hours: $200/Month 
 6 Hours: $225/Month 
 7 Hours: $245/Month 
 8 Hours or More: $260/Month  
 Drop In Rate: $10 per class 

Admin Fee: $75/student; 25/sibling (due with September tuition)
Choreography Fee: $20 per group dance (due with September tuition)
Recital Fee: $75/student; 25/sibling (due March 15) 

Extras (Temperance)  
 $300 Solo 
 $360 Duet (split between dancers) 
 $420 Trio (split between dancers) 
Private fee: $50/month per extra
(due with monthly tuition)

Renting Studio Space (Students):  
 1 Hour: $20 
 45 Minutes: $15 
 30 Minutes: $10 

Private Lessons (Temperance)  
 $35 per every half hour for technique or extra help privates 
 $50 for 45 minutes 
 $65 Full Hour 

Costume Costs  
$75 per group 
$100 per Advanced Group