Summer Intensives 2018

June 4-7  ALL THAT JAZZ (ages 11 and up)

This intensive will focus on all the elements of jazz dance. Each day will include a full warm up, including cardio, conditioning, and deep stretching. Dancers will have a portion of the evening devoted to all types of turns, a portion devoted to leaps and jumps, followed by either a jazz combo or jazz improv/freestyle. They will also have some time set aside to learn a little about jazz dance history and the choreographers and dancers who have made jazz what it is today. This intensive will last four days, from 5-9pm with a 30-minute snack/dinner break from 7:00-7:30. Ages 11 and up.

June 11-13   TUTUS AND TEA (ages 6-10)

This camp will focus primarily on ballet technique. The dancers will get full ballet classes that include barre, stretch, center work, and across the floor, and also ballet combos. One ballet combo they will learn will be similar to Clara’s doll dance in the Nutcracker. Dancers may bring their favorite American Girl doll for this routine and will also have cupcakes and tea time on breaks given with their dolls present. They will learn to sit up straight, use proper manners while taking their tea and cake, learn to use their napkins correctly, and behave in an elegant fashion like they are in the presence of the Queen. Attire for this camp is pink tights, black leotards, ballet shoes, and they may wear a ballet skirt. Each day will begin at 5pm and end at 8pm.

June 18-20  CONTEMPORARY(ages 6-10)

This camp will be a fusion of lyrical and contemporary, with full warm ups, deep stretches, learning improv techniques, and of course, learning combinations. The girls will learn to use their space and expand their movement as much as possible, they will learn how to fully ground and stick their parallel positions (as this is a major issue with our younger dancers), focus on using deep plies to really ground ourselves in certain poses and transitions in choreography, as well as FEEL what the music and lyrics are saying. This camp will be really beneficial to them as dancers because contemporary is the most popular style of dance these days in studios, competitions, conventions, and companies. Each day will begin at 5pm and end at 8pm, with snack and bathroom breaks included!

July 9-12  BACK TO BASICS(ages 11 and up)

This intensive will take us back to the building blocks of technique with classes in ballet, tap, and jazz. We will focus on properly using turn out, understanding correct alignment and posture, fully stretching in the feet and knees, activating the correct muscles to execute skills, fully using flexibility AND power to improve in jumps, leaps, and extensions, practicing balance and spotting exercises for turns, and go back to the basics for clean, strong tapping and clarity of sounds. This intensive will be so beneficial because the dancers will learn combos that are simple to remember. The simpler the combo, the easier it will be to fully apply correct technique. Without having to strain their minds to remember steps and put together fast counts of eight, they will be able to focus on fully applying corrections and have more lightbulbs go off mentally and physically. This intensive will last four days, from 5-9pm with a 30-minute snack/dinner break from 7:00-7:30. Ages 11 and up.

July 17-19  ACE YOUR AUDITION(ages 11 and up)

This intensive will be run similar to Audition Class from last year’s summer schedule. The dancers will go through several types of mock auditions, and they will even have a chance to be on the other side of the audition process and get to see what it is like to be the casting director or the choreographer who chooses who gets the job. We will also have talk sessions on how to behave and take class at convention, how to feel confident and get noticed in convention auditions, how to dress for a specific body type and to accentuate your strengths as a dancer, how important having a “look” is, and how to carry oneself during an audition process. There will also be times devoted to singing and acting/speaking. This can be a very intimidating moment in an audition, but the more prepared a child is, the better they will be if this is sprung on them during an audition! We will hold “auditions” in ballet, jazz, hip hop (I will clearly have someone besides myself teach the hip hop audition combo), and contemporary. Notebooks required for this intensive. It will run for three days, 5-9pm with a 15-minute dinner/snack break each night. Ages 11 and up.

July 17-19  THEATER DANCE (ages 6-10)

This camp will focus on Broadway styles of dance in tap and jazz. The dancers will learn combos in both tap and jazz, work on technique, and also incorporate singing while dancing. Attire for this camp will be any fun dance outfit that makes them feel confident. It is possible that a certain style of outfit be required for the last day of camp to go along with the combo they will be doing. If so, we will let you know with plenty of time to prepare. Camp will take place each day from 5pm-8pm with snack breaks and bathroom breaks included.

July 30-August 2  CONTEMPORARY(ages 11 and up)

This intensive will be a favorite among all dancers. Similar to the jazz technique intensive, a full warm up will be provided, complete with deep stretching and conditioning. Following warm ups, the dancers will do many improv exercises such as across the floor techniques, contact improv and partner work, utilizing moments of stillness and breathing, learning to focus on only one part of the body and initiating all movement from that area, mirror image improv partnering, one at a time improv, and other exercises that will allow them to dig deeper and feel more creative in their dancing. They will also get a combo each evening, and on the last night of the camp, we will carpool to Joyner Park to make a concept video that will include a combo they learned, plus guided improv. This intensive will last four days, from 5-9pm with a 30-minute snack/dinner break from 7:00-7:30. There will be no snack/dinner break on the last day of this intensive. Ages 11 and up.

July 30-August 1  DIVAS(ages 6-10)

This camp will focus on jazz and hip hop! They will get a full warm up each day, jazz technique consisting of leaps and turns, learning jazz combos, and a special guest teacher will be coming in to teach hip hop during one of these days! These classes will be full of energy, fun music, fun choreography, while still getting technical training, stretching, and conditioning they need to make their movement look as strong as possible. Camp is from 5pm-8pm with snack and bathroom breaks!

August 7-9  BALLET(ages 11 and up)

Dancers attending this intensive will not only take ballet technique each of these day (including two guest teachers, to be announced), but will also be educated on ballet history and the ballets that are well known and still performed today throughout the world. There will also be a short time set aside for ballet vocabulary review (definitions, spelling, knowledge of terms/skills). The ballet classes will be made up of barre, a “power barre” (speed barre that focuses on mental focus and cardio as well as ballet technique), adage, petite allegro, grande allegro, turns, and other across the floor combinations, and even a bit of yoga/floor barre/pilates. This intensive will last for three days, 5-9pm with a 15-minute dinner/snack break each night. A notebook is required for this intensive, as well as pink tights and any color leotard you prefer. Ages 11 and up.

August 13-15 TOTALLY TAP(ages 6-10)

This camp will be ALL TAP but at times will be split between minis and juniors: Temperance and Elizabeth will rotate days so that they get both teachers for equal amounts of time. We will focus on basic technique, learning new steps, correct tap vocabulary, a bit of tap history, and really pushing for crisp, clean sounds done correctly in the balls of the feet. Juniors will also work towards more advanced skills such as wings, double pull backs, more pick up combinations, and more time step variations. Snack and bathroom breaks included, 5pm-8pm each day.




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