Competitions/Conventions required and optional​


  TREMAINE, Washington DC January 13-14

  SHOWSTOPPER Raleigh NC February 9-11

  REVIVE Charleston SC February 23-25

  HOLLYWOOD DANCE JAMZ Charlotte NC March 9-11

  DANCE MAKERS Charlotte NC March 16-18

  STARQUEST Durham NC April 13-15

  HOLLYWOOD VIBE Norfolk VA April 20-22


  JUMP Greenville, SC November 3-5

  ARTISTS SIMPLY HUMAN Tysons Corner VA November 10-12

  FORCE DANCE TOUR Charlotte NC January 5-7

  DANCE MAKERS Richmond VA January 26-28

  RADIX Charlotte NC March 2-4

  ARTISTS SIMPLY HUMAN Greenville SC April 6-8

  24 SEVEN Atlanta GA April 6-8

  ADRENALINE Charleston, SC May 4-6


Solo Overalls:
1st runner up: Delaney 
First overall: Sawyer 
9th runner up: Kaitlyn 
8th runner up: Avery
6th runner up: Emerson 
1st runner up: Ariana
First overall: Niyah 
6th runner up: Georgia 
3rd runner up: Reaghan 
2nd runner up: Sydney 
10th runner up: Lindsay 
8th runner up: Hampton 
2nd runner up: Ashleigh 
1st runner up: Abby

Duet overalls 
1st runner up: I’m a lady 
First overall: Boat Song
1st runner up: Breathe

Group, Line, Production Overalls
First runner up: Cat On a Hot Tin Roof
First overall: Parade On
1st runner up: Dirty Diana
First overall: Feel Again
1st runner up: If You Went Away
First overall: Ghosts We Knew
First Overall: Hometown Glory
Judges picks: 90s at 9; Nuit Des Clowns 

Clifton scholarship: Hampton Hand
Retters: Ashleigh Brackett
CDI: Rebekah Hayles
Katheryn McCormick class scholarship: Ariana Flanagan
Hannah Matheny 
Tom Alexander class scholarship:
Lindsay Fisher
Emerson Cular
Becca Retter class scholarship:
Molli Norton 
TEEN AUDITION Scholarship: Niyah Smith



Competitive Level (Highest)- SOLOS
Ashleigh Brackett- Crystal; 1st Overall Senior Solos
Hannah Matheny- Crystal; 3rd Overall Senior Solos
Lindsay Fisher- Double Platinum; 5th Overall Senior Solos
Abby Lineberry; Rebekah Hayles- Double Platinum; tied 6th Overall Senior Solos
Hampton Hand- Double Platinum; 7th Overall Senior Solos
Breanna Overton- Platinum; 8th Overall Senior Solos
Ashlyn Clay- Platinum; 10th Overall Senior Solos
Julia Ellen- Platinum
Brianna Brookhart- Platinum

Ariana- Crystal; 2nd Overall Teen Solos
Kaitlyn- Double Platinum; 6th Overall Teen Solos
Niyah- Double Platinum; 6th Overall Teen Solos
Emma- Double Platinum; 8th Overall Teen Solos
Reaghan- Double Platinum; 9th Overall Teen Solos
Tommi Shae- Double Platinum
Georgia- Double Platinum
Alyssa- Platinum

Competitive Level- DUET/TRIO
Love Lost- Double Platinum; 1st Overall Senior Duet/Trios
Breath- Double Platinum; 3rd Overall Senior Duet/Trios


No Need to Argue- Double Platinum; 2nd Overall Teen Duet/Trios

 Competitive Level- SMALL GROUPS

Let It Burn- Crystal; 1st Overall Senior Small Groups
All Too Well- Double Platinum; 5th Overall Senior Small Groups
Wolves-Double Platinum; 6th Overall Senior Small Groups

Body Language- Crystal; 1st Overall Teen Small Groups
Dirty Diana- Crystal- 3rd Overall Teen Small Groups
Feel Again- Double Platinum; 4th Overall Teen Small Groups
Parade On- Double Platinum; 5th Overall Teen Small Groups
Walk It Out- Double Platinum; 6th Overall Teen Small Groups
Maps- Double Platinum; 7th Overall Teen Small Groups

 Competitive Level- LARGE GROUPS
Something Better- Platinum; 8th Overall Senior Large Groups

Hometown Glory- Crystal; 1st Overall Teen Large Groups
Ghosts We Knew- Double Platinum; 2nd Overall Teen Large Groups
If You Went Away- Double Platinum; 3rd Overall Teen Large Groups
This is Swing- Double Platinum; 7th Overall Teen Large Groups

TLC- Double Platinum; 4th Overall Junior Large Groups

 Competitive Level- SUPER GROUPS

90s at 9- Double Platinum; 2nd Overall Teen Super Groups

 Competitive Level- PRODUCTIONS
Nuit Des Clowns- Double Platinum; 1st Overall Productions

 Advanced Level (middle)- SOLOS
Ava Tate- Platinum; 4th Overall Junior Solos

 Advanced Level- SMALL GROUPS
Bird- Platinum; 2nd Overall Junior Small Groups
Make The World Move- Platinum; 4th Overall Junior Small Groups
Forever Young- Platinum; 6th Overall Junior Small Groups
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- Platinum; 7th Overall Junior Small Groups

 Performance Level (beginner)- Small Groups
Once Upon A Princess- Gold; 3rd Overall Mini Small Groups
Let’s Get Loud- Gold; 3rd Overall Mini Small Groups (tied)
Bugle Boy- Gold; 6th Overall Mini Small Groups
Turn The Speakers Up- Gold; 7th Overall Mini Small Groups





If it doesn't challenge you,

it doesn't change you. -Fred Devito

TREMAINE- January 12-14

Teen Groups

Feel Again- 1st Overall Lyrical Groups

Dirty Diana- 3rd Overall Jazz Groups

If You Went Away- 2nd Overall Contemporary Groups

Showmanship Award- If You Went Away

Year Long Convention Scholarship- Ariana Flanagan

Regional Convention Scholarship- Emma Pretter

Scholarship Finalists- Sydney Law, Ashleigh Brackett, Reaghan Given

Hip Hop Scholarship- Abby Lineberry

No Limits Dance Center

REVIVE- February 23-25

Sparks Solos

Sawyer- Platinum; 5th Overall

Delaney- HIgh Gold

Sparks Duet/Trio

Smurfs- High Gold; 2nd Overall

Junior Solos

Ariana Flanagan- Platinum

Teen Solos

Reaghan Given- Ultimate Platinum; 4th Overall

Tommi Shae- High Gold

Georgia- High Gold

Emma- Platinum

Sydney- Platinum

Senior Solos

Abby Lineberry- Ultimate Platinum; 2nd Overall

Ashleigh Brackett- Platinum

Lindsay Fisher- Platinum

Hannah Matheny- Platinum

Breanna Overton- Platinum

Senior Duet/Trios

Love Lost- Platinum; 4th Overall

Teen Small Groups

Dirty Diana- Platinum; Genre Award

Feel Again- Platinum

Teen Large Groups

If You Went Away- Ultimate Platinum; 1st Overall Teen Large Groups; Faculty Pick Finalist; Fan Favorite Finalist


Sawyer Law- Single Convention Scholarship

Delaney Tischner- Single Convention Scholarship

Avery Tischner- Dance Crew Scholarship

Ariana Flanagan- Ballroom Performance Crew

Georgia Thomas- Musical Theater Performance Crew

Sydney Law- Musical Theater Performance Crew

Ashleigh Brackett- Musical Theater Performance Crew

Hannah  Matheney- Musical Theater Performane Crew

Reaghan Given- Musical Theater Performance Crew

Abby Lineberry- Hip Hop Performancce Crew

Hollywood Dance Jamz AWARDS RECAP- March 9-11

Petite Groups:
Petite Jazz- High Gold
Petite Tap- High Gold
Petite Lyrical- High Gold
Petite Contemporary- Platinum, 6th overall Jr Sm Group

Junior Groups:

Junior Lyrical- Platinum, 2nd Overall Jr Sm Group
Junior Jazz- Platinum, 1st Overall Jr Sm Group, Highest Scoring Jr Group, Judge's Jammin' Award and Showcase performance 


Sydney, Erin, Reaghan- High Gold, 3rd Overall Teen Duet/Trio
Emma, Emerson- Platinum,1st Overall Teen Duet/Trio
Ashleigh, Lindsay- Platinum, 1st Overall Sr Duet/Trio, Hightest Scoring Sr Group
Ashlyn, Hannah- Platinum

Junior Large Groups:

Junior Hip Hop- Platinum, 1st Overall Jr Lrg Group 

Teen/Senior Groups:

Select Jazz- 5th Overall Teen Sm Group
Select Lyrical- 2nd Overall Teen Sm Group
Select Contemporary- 2nd Overall Teen Lrg Group

Large Group Jazz- Platinum, 2nd Overall Teen Line, Choreo Award
Large Group Open- Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Lrg Group
Large Group Tap- High Gold
Large Group Contemporary- Platinum, 3rd Overall Teen Lrg Group
Sm Group Contemporary- High Gold, 9th Overall Teen Sm Group
Modern- Platinum, 6th Overall Teen Sm Group 
Sm Group Jazz Funk- Platinum, 4th 
Overall Teen Sm Group
Sm Group Lyrical- Platinum, 3rd Overall Sr Sm Group
Sr Hip Hop- Gold
Musical Theater- High Gold, 1st Overall Sr Lrg Group
Production- Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Line, Highest Scoring Teen Group, Director's Choice Award and Showcase Performance 

Ava- High Gold
Kaitlyn K- Platinum
Avery T- Platinum, 10th Overall Jr Solo
Emerson- 3rd Overall Jr Solo
Niyah- 2nd Overall Jr Solo
Ariana- Platinum, 1st Overall Jr Solo, Director's Choice and Showcase Performance
Julia- Gold
Hampton- Platinum
Alyssa- High Gold
Tommi Shae- High Gold
Georgia- Platinum
Brianna B.- High Gold
Breanna O.- Platinum
Ashlyn- Platinum, 10th Overall Teen Solo
Sydney- Platinum, 6th Overall Teen Solo
Emma- Platinum, 5th Overall Teen Solo
Reaghan- Platinum, 4th Overall Teen Solo
Rebekah- Platinum
Hannah- Platinum
Ashleigh- Platinum, 5th Overall Sr Solo
Lindsay- Platinum, 4th Overall Sr Solo
Abby- Platinum, 2nd Overall, Judges' Jammin Award and Showcase Performance 

Jr scholarships
Avery T
Kaitlyn K
Emerson C
Marlee B

Teen scholarships 

Sr scholarships
Abby- HDJ DJ Award
Rebekah- GTA Agency Audition and Scholarship 
Studio Award- Highest Scoring Studio of the Weekend